How to get connected

1. Switch on your Wireless network connection and press view wireless connections.

2. Select any CityCell WiFi signal, it may be ((((( CityCell ))))) or @ CityCell WiFi @ or CityCell WiFi and click connect on the strongest signal.

3. Open your internet explorer. You should see our main page where you will find Login and Password section as shown bellow:


4. Enter your Login and Password which can be found at the back of the CityCell Card and press Login. You should now have internet access. You can also buy Login and Password using Visa or MasterCard by calling us at: 25-100999 , 25- 25252520 , 99-06 111 6

5. If you entered the Login and Password and nothing happened, check the bottom of our page, you should receive one of the following messages:

Invalid username or password
in this case try putting the Login and Password again. make sure its small letters or CAPS depending on your login , If you get the same message, call us to check your access No.

No more sessions allowed
in this case it means that you tried to use two computers at the same time. You should log out in one of them and try again. to log out type in the address bar. it may be depending on the web address you get.

Credit limit reached
in this case your card is expired . or credit finished you have to renew.

Cannot open browser page
In this case close the browser page and open new one & try to login again.